Le Sens Unique

Bistronomic restaurant & wine bar

A gourmet & respectful bistronomic restaurant, as well as its wine bar where you will be offered a very nice selection of wines and delicacies to share…

Cyril Boulet, chef by profession, trained with the greatest (Joël Robuchon, Marc Meneau, Émile Jung and the Frères Troisgros). Then, he put his know-how and technical skills at the service of his own restaurant in Bourgogne, where he created a cuisine that was generous, gourmet, convivial, simple and well controlled.

Now his wish is to combine his talent as a chef and his solid experience in the trade to give life to a new restaurant within the Gallia hotel.

In the gastronomic industry, it is essential to be surrounded by people you can trust, because opening a restaurant, even when orchestrated by a chef, is above all a team effort. Therefore we decided to associate with two young people in our adventure, Nicolas Degallaix, young chef and Sophie Dumet, manager of the dining room.

In this new space, which includes a restaurant, a wine bar and a private room, this team, which has been working together for seven years, will be able to provide its customers with the highest standards of work and service.


Open Thursday to Monday from 12pm to 2pm and from 7pm to 9pm & Tuesday from 12pm to 2pm.
Closed Tuesday evening and Wednesday all day. Parking available on request.

For reservations: +33 4 79 61 21 09 or by email at